Barbarian Tribes

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Swamp men (Frog Men) 
A small group of people that choose to live in the swamps north of The Gate Minus
The ancient people have kept up with the tradition of living deep in the swamps and fenns.
They are said to have green skin and webbed feet.
Some venture into city to trade beaver pelts and alligator skins.
Thier dwellings are high houses set on stilts over the swampy waters.
They have beem known to join the realm of men during time of need for defense.
They are a mainly peaceful race but can be fierce when needed.

The Bone Men Tribe
A nomadic tribe that live in the far north. 
A violent nomadic tribe of northerners that follow the migrations of large beasts. They frequently attack villages and are known for their bone armor and dress.

The Nomad Tribes of the Sandlands

The Cavemen

The Dark Dwarves

Children of the Forests

Iron Tooth Clan of the Iron Mountains

Hill Tribes

Mammoth Raiders

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