Religious Orders and The Gods of EOS

The Nine Btn_edit Btn_trash
The Religion of the South Minus
The new religion
"The Nine" for the 9 alignments.
The symbol is the 9 pointed star or the Nonagon (Nine-sided shape)
Each alignment is represented by a character class (i.e.,The Paladin, The Fighter, "CG The Ranger,The Magic-User, The Cleric, The Monk, The Thief, The Assassin, The Illusionist)
Huge elaborate cathedrals/temples are constructed as holy places.
This is a popular belief that is only a couple hundred years old.
Priests maintain holy texts and strict ceremonies.
High priests are called septons
 Holy Text
The Nine Pointed Star

Faith Militant of the Nine Pointed Star 
The Faith Militant was the military order of the Faith of the Nine. They served the will of the High Septon and enforced the word of the Nice-Pointed Star by force of arms. The faith militant is composed of every character class, mainly knights, paladins, clerics and fighters. They are sworn to the High Septon and are charged with protecting churches, escorting pilgrimages and upholding the law of the faith. The group ranges from 4000 to 8000 holy warriors.

The two main cathedrals are located in the following cities:
The Three Sisters

The Old Gods of the North (Old Gods) Btn_edit Btn_trash
Old Gods
Worshiped in shrines made of Stone Monoliths and Trees.
The sacred trees are called Elf-Trees, Godwood. They are said to have magical powers. The trees are light grey trunks and a rainbow of colorful leaves. The trunks of some trees get as large as a house. Each elf tree has a alcove carved in it for offerings.
Mainly worshiped outside.
The organization is loose with no high priests or order. Very personal.
Mainly followed by northerners.
As old as 10000 years and passed down each generation.
Knights of the Moon

Holy Text
The trees

The Sea God (Cthulhu) (The Kraken) Btn_edit Btn_trash
The Sea God
"Cthulhu" or "The Kraken"
Chaos God
A religion practiced by the island people.
Also practiced by reavers and pirates.
Clerics are allowed the trident and all spells are reversed (if possible). 
Human sacrifice is a common practice. 
This religion is banned on the main continent of Hyperion. 

Holy Text

Selene (The Moon God) Btn_edit Btn_trash

The Moon God
Is a old religion that is practiced by fanatic priests and originally from the East.
Associated with the god of death

Helios (The Sun God) (The Fire God) Btn_edit Btn_trash
The Sun God
"Fire God" or "Helios"
Is a old religion that is practiced by fanatic priests and originally from the East.
Preists wear bright red and have special command over fire.
Holy Text
The Rising Sun

Lolth - The Demonqueen"
"Chaos" symbol is spiral
She is the ultimate symbol of evil and death.

Other Exotic / Dead Religions Btn_edit Btn_trash
Other Small Cults
"The Greek Gods in the far south east" - Lost
"God of Death"
"Other Idol worship" - too many to list

Dwarf God

Elvin Pantheon

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  1. Elven Lim Ngail the Great Lords & Ladies of Starlight (Gods Elven Pantheon of Stars)
    High Lord Araleth Luthermil God of Stars, Magic and Knowledge - Neutral Good
    His Wife Lady Alathrien Druanna Goddess of Writing, Poetry, Runes, and Magic - Neutral
    Their Son Anor Vassa the Sun God (is literally the Sun)- Neutral Good
    Their Oldest Daughter Laicalasse Yulles Demigoddess of Magic, Potions, Coffee, and Tea - Neutral Good
    Their Youngest Child/Daughter Massanie Enya Demigoddess of Magic, Puzzles, Riddles, and Pastries - Chaotic Good

    Massanie Enya has somehow become a human Demigoddess known as Enigma Demigoddess of Windows, Doors, Locks, Riddles, Puzzles, and Pastries.
    Her alignment is Chaotic Good. You can guess who worships her. She is close to becoming a full goddess with the addition of these new worshipers.
    This has caught her older sisters attention. Mortals can only speculate if there is a competition between immortal siblings.