New Spells

Clerics of Selene

Moon Beam
Level: 1
Component: V, S
Range: 6" + 1"/level
Casting Time: 1 segment
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: One or more creatures in a 10 square foot area 

Explanation/Description: Use of the Moon Beam spell creates one or more magical Moon Beams powered by Selene which dart forth from the casters holy symbol and unerringly strike their target. Each beam does 1 hit points of damage/level of experience. If the caster has multiple beams capability, he or she can have them strike a single target creature or several creatures, as desired. For each level of experience of the caster, the range of his or her beam extends 1" beyond the 6" base range. For every 2 levels of experience, the caster gains an additional beam, i.e. 2 at 3rd level, 3 at 5th level, 4 at 7th level, etc.

Clerics of Helios

Flaming weapon
Level: 2
Component: V, S
Range: 0
Casting Time: 4 segments
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: One Weapon

Explanation/Description: This spell harnises the power of the sun to ignite a single weapon. The melee weapon can be a mace, sword, or club. This is a magical fire that will exibit heat and ignite combustable material. It will cause an additional 1d6 of damage with a successful hit.


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