Lands of Theia

The fabled Greek Isles 
The is a large region on the southern part of Theia.

The Slave City of Xax 
This large walled slave city is ruled by a council of merchants who call themselves "The Masters of Xax"
The people of this city are rumored to have green skin and large noses. They are a fierce and cruel people. Rarely seen in the Eos.

The is a fabled island which vanished thousands of years ago.

This is southern island city of beauty and wealth that was consumed by dragon fire 2000 years before. The city was a technological marvel of the time.

The free city of Oceanus
This is a large free port city which houses the greatest port on the continent. At the entrance of the port is a statue of the Titan Oceanus.

An unknown, dark land far to the northeast.

The Orient
The land to the southeast known to be ruled by the immortal king.

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