Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Game Session 4 - At the sign of the Merry Mermaid

Session: Game Session 4 - Wednesday, May 29 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
May 8 996 Third Age Summers End
Entering Saltmarsh from the South

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Gmüller (The Orphan Sellsword)
Adfric (Sellsword with a 10 Strength)

Enter Saltmarsh at during the evening looking for an Inn.
Knock on the door of Ben the locksmith who helps them with directions to the inns and taverns of Saltmarsh.
They notice a billboard near the docks with pleads to find missing children

Go to the full moon inn

The inn is a single storey wooden building. Accomodations consist of a single large room with wooden cots and straw mats near the hearth. 
1cp per night
The thin man Thildo is the Innkeeper

They head to the tavern for food
The Merry Mermaid
Hura Haldidotr
The inn is a single storey stone-walled building, with several leaded glass windows.
The meal of the day is:
Salted Shrimp and Bitter Cheese, Tankard of Perry (10 cp)

Hura tells them about the Haunted House on the Cliff outside Saltmarsh. She tells rumors of the Necromancer who disappeared years back and the strange lights that are seen late at night.

The group gets drunk and decides to visit the Haunted house
Phalen casts Light that lasts more than 1 turn.
They look through several rooms and find the following Items:

The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Magi Tenser
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Magi Tenser
The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Magi Nystul

(2) Neutralize poison potions

Phalen is pickpocketed in the Merry Mermaid.

Notable Quotes:
"I've been eatin' maggoty bread for three stinkin' days"

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