Thursday, August 13, 2020

Session 51 (Valkomen POV) We Fail Test 4 but Most of us Pass Test 5!

 Session 51 (Valkomen POV) We Fail Test 4 but Most of us Pass Test 5!

The players:

Sir Thornston Snow (Hedge Knight)
Valkomen Gimilzor (Paladin of House Branch)
Nachtheim of Blancshale (Student of Magic) Absent
Friar Bede (Cleric of the Old Gods)
Fritjof (The Locksmith)
Karr Bidebit (The Dwarven Dwarf)

She loves her spiders!  I think I'm developing arachnophobia?  Nah!  Killed a great big nasty one!  The little ones got me though. Way too many of them to fight. Test 4 - Failed!  

However Test 5 - Passed!  Had to kill a Evil Version of Me!  It was creepy!

The bad bad news is she has gifted / cursed me with the power of Darkness.  I must never use it or loose my Faith of The Old Gods. They said I was to dumb to learn Magic.  Who is the dark evil wizard now?  Not me I'm never using it!

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