Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Game Session 7 - In the cellar of the Haunted House

Session: Game Session 7 - Wednesday, Jul 10 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
May 10 996 Summers End
Late Afternoon

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Adfric (Sir Baldomeris)
Viggo (The Sworn sword of house Blackwood)
And introducing
Flannigan of White Wheel (The Bard)

The adventure contines in the wine cellar
They continue down the cellar into "The Danger" area.
Attacked by skeletons that the wizard animated and finding of the laboratory.
They continue down smelling the salt of the ocean. Viggo takes the bait and gets covered in green slime. DEATH by Green Slime.
Almost a TPK in a dead end cavern as 5 green skinned foreigners attack the group.
The group "rest" in the cavern.
Adfric searches the bodies and finds 3 healing potions and 30 Silver Peices

The group wakes up on May 11 996 Summers End 

Gold items
Spell books
weight stones
Cursed Luckstone
3 books of minimal value
2 Healing potion
1 Potion of Speed
3 healing potions

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