Thursday, July 25, 2019

Spy Report - Post from Phelan Duncan


It appears that the quiet area of Saltmarsh I was hoping to report upon will not be a simple matter. So far we have discovered the murder of a brave knight and retainer, and a rash of child kidnappings. There are indications that the local lord may be complicit in both these affairs and maybe in league with outlander pirates. While distressing, our duty lies in determining the truth in these matters. We are, after all, the hidden shield and the hidden sword of the King.

Based upon the presence of his slain huscarle Sir Baldomerius and murdered retainer Viggo, one can deduce that Lord Blackwood suspects a threat to his domain and has sent agents to investigate. At a minimum, the two have been discovered slain. Written orders have been found to this effect and Baldomerius' body found with a deadly wound in the back corroborate this conclusion. As a side note their honorable service in loyalty to their liege lord and kingdom should be noted.

I believe a recommendation of communication with Lord Blackwood regarding the seriousness of the matter is in order.

Long live His Royal Highness!

Kingsman Phelan Duncan, House Duncan, Master Seawatch

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