Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Session 15 - Wyles Farm

Wyles Farm

Session: Game Session 15- Wednesday, Oct 2 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Players
Toutorix the Ranger (Sworn Sword of Lord Theon Branch)
Adfric (Sir Baldomeris) Played by the DM
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)
Na'ab Selunesson Cleric of the Thousand Islands

June 23, 996 Third Age Summers End

On the road between farmer Otis and Wyle.

Daytime 59 degrees
Nighttime 34 degrees
Light rain

Two hours out they meet a man and his son driving an ox cart. He is friendly and tells the group he is making his way to farmer Otis.

Four hours out it begins to rain harder. Na'ab spots 4 hooded men in rowboat up ahead. They pull to the side of the lake hidden behind a bend.

 Toutorix investigates and finds the raft abandoned and beached.
They ambush him and he goes down.
The group attacks back saving Toutorix defeating two of the green men.
Two more are out there.
After more fighting they defeat them.

6 hours in
They arrive at Wyles farm. It is completely dark and the farm is quiet. They investigate to find it deserted.

Farmer Wyles' Farm
Toutorix decides to check the barn. It is locked from the outside. They enter and find the missing people hanging from the rafters.
A few of the people are alive. One is the farmers wife. She says before she dies: "The lizardmen took the children. Oh, the children."

Phelan goes inside and sends a raven reporting the news.

What has happened to this land? Who are these green men from Xax?
And, Lizardmen?

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  1. I smell death on these woods. Who were the man and boy driving the ox cart? They now appear more than what they seemed...