Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Session 14 - The Rat Queen

The Rat Queen

Session: Game Session 14 - Wednesday, Sept 18 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Players
Toutorix the Ranger (Sworn Sword of Lord Theon Branch)
Adfric (Sir Baldomeris)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)

June 21, 996 Third Age Summers End 

On the river to the sea from Branch Hall

Daytime 60 degrees
Nighttime 34 degrees
Partly Cloudy after a light snow

The morning begins
The group sets out down the river.
They come upon a large mound and the ranger decides to investigate.
They are attacked by large rats.
After the defeat of the rats, they decide to enter the den.
Phelan is attacked and rescued by Toutorix.
They found the queen rat.
After the battle, they go inside and find some shiny coins and a potion.
They move on down the river.
During the night the ranger hears something in the woods.
He looks through his spyglass and sees a hooded humanoid figure walking away.
In the morning they find no traces of his tracks.

Farmer Otis' Mill

July 22
Head out in the morning.

Arrive at Otis' farm
Stayed the night
The drink a lot of ale and listen to the farmer's story about strange men lurking about at night.
Phelan sends a raven reporting of these men.
They say goodbye and thank you to the farmer.

July 23
Head out to Farmer Wyles house.

The path to Daggerbrook


  1. Otis's tales further drive home the idea that Toutorix is sworn to the wrong man.

  2. Otis' tale was shocking and hard to take. Can he be believed?