Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Session 33 (Valkomen Gimilzor) with holy water I save the Magi Phelan Duncan

Only 2 Survive the Original Group sent down in here!  We find them just after they had a battle against a demon.  As a Paladin I have been trained to ignore such fears.  However the truth is we are over matched here.  The enemy is to great.  The first opponent we meet.  My sword made by the best blacksmith in the castle does nothing.  The sword passed through the fell beast.  Later a giant arm comes out of the summoning circle and grabs the Magi.  It is dragging him to the fire.  I can seemingly do nothing.  

Then I remember the vials of Holy Water I was given.  One vial was enough to get the hand to release him.  This battle is barely over and we hear doors opening. More monsters coming at us. Soon they will be at out throats. Yet again we all have a close call with death.  We capture one and he tells us some things.  We know where she is now.  

We need time to rest and heal.  So much horror in one day.  Ancient Trees grant me strength.

Valkomen Gimilzor Paladin, Knight of the Full Moon

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