Thursday, March 26, 2020

Session 34 (POV Valkomen Gimilzor) I Bloodied the Drow Elf Witch

Session 34 (POV Valkomen Gimilzor) I Bloodied the Drow Elf Witch

Jezzer you Drow Elf Witch my sword cut your flesh.  For all those children and whatever other horror you have done to our lands.  You teleport-ed away fast as you could.  It was not fast enough to escape my blade entirely.  I hope it left a nasty wound you foul witch.

My Brothers in Arms that died down in that foul wretched temple of Evil.  You are still owed vengeance against that Witch.  Lost Brothers your names shall not be forgotten.

Khirr - Barbarian of the Iron Tooth Clan
Magic-User Cadman Kane (Sworn Sword of House Branch)
Auziwandilaz - The black magic-user

The village that lost most of the children that Jezzer kidnapped.  They said they will make a plaque with your names.  Storytellers will tell tales for generations. 

Our Great Heroic Magi Phelan Duncan was able to learn much of what the enemy has been doing.  What their goals are.  Sadly he has had to go off on solo mission.  Magi Business he called it.  

Until the next mission I will train harder than ever before.  I know the dark and awesome power of the enemy. My sword calls out for justice against Al Jezzer.

One last thing.  Men of Zax I have not forgotten your part in this!  I killed several of you down in that hell hole.  However my sword arm still hungers for justice.

Valkomen Gimilzor Paladin of the Full Moon

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  1. Valkomen Gimilzor has a new enemy! He may need to hunt her down to finish it.