Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Game Session 12 - The Search for Lady Leann

The Search for Lady Leann

Session: Game Session 12 - Wednesday, Sept 04 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Players
Sir Thorsten Snow
Toutorix the Ranger (Sworn Sword of Lord Theon Branch)
June 15, 996 Third Age Summers End


Branch Hall, South of Castle Blackwood

Branch Hall`


Daytime 59 degrees

Nighttime 33 degrees

Partly Cloudy after a light snow

The heroes are at Branch hall and called upon by the Lord Theon Branch to look for the daughter of Sir Cerwin Branch (Castellan of Castle Blackood), Leann Branch, age 13. She went missing while playing outside of the castle grounds and is feared to be abducted.
Our heroes set out to track her down.
They come upon a fragment of her dress and marks from a rowboat in the river.
They head out with horses and press on at full speed.
They come upon the captors at the fork of the river.
Attack the 5 green-skinned men and lose the battle. Knocked unconscious.


  1. Toutorix dreams that he and Sir Snow forgot the girl, got in the rowboat, and ended their days sailing the raging seas of Eos!

    1. Toutorix dreams.... As he is unconscious... He swears a green faced man with a large nose applies a smelly substance to the wound on his head. He fades in and out. Tries to focus and all is black again.