Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Session 30 - The Ice Spider and the Queen

Session: Game Session 30 - Wednesday, Feb 26 2020 from 6:00 PM to 9PM

The Players
Toutorix the Ranger (Sworn Sword of Lord Theon Branch)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)
Mr. Magic-User (from House Branch) - Abscent
Sir Thorston Snow - (Hedge Knight) On his way to House Branch
Fenroy Dugel The Cleric of House Branch
Khirr - Barbarian of the Iron Tooth Clan

July 1, 996 Third Age Summers End

Inside the Rune Tower
Dungeon Level

Daytime 32 degrees
Nighttime 22 degrees
Cold from the North, Cold
Heavy Snow
3 - 4' of Snow covering the plains

The demon children head up the stairs to attack Phelan, Fenroy, and Toutorix.
Khirr stands in front of the main gate battling an Ice Troll!!!

Toutorix fires arrows at the creatures and notices that they absorb into the flaming bodies. They do no damage to them.

Phelan fires magic missles to end the demon-children.

Khirr slays the Ice troll.

Fenroy sets up a lab to create potions.

The two trackers go outside in the snow and check out the surrounding area. The see that the troll came from the north and see other tracks from ice spiders.

The group hunkers down to for the evening to set out in the morning.

Khirr has first watch and hears the spiders from outside, surrounding the tower.

"You are all going to die! She is going to turn you into slaves like the CHILDREN!"
"Come outside you barbarian bitch!"

The battle ensues and they group beats up the minion ice spiders.

The large queen gets away to fight another day.

July 2, 996 Third Age Summers End

The group heads back to the Idol room


  1. Slowly but surely the noose was tightening. Supplies were slowly being used up and the ice spiders had circled the Rune Tower. It was almost certain that they had tracked the departure of other party members and cordoned off the area. It would be possible to run, but that would mean failure and they were Kingsmen. Not rescuing the children was simply not an option. It looked like down into the depths of the earth was the only logical path.

  2. Besides, it remained yet to be seen who was going to be the bitch in this scenario....

  3. Paterfamilias,

    Since you have received this missive I regret to inform you the loyal knight and Kingsman Adfric has fallen in battle against a wicked foe. I have blessed his body and commended his soul to the gods of his worship. Please mention to His Royal Highness the valor with which he fought against the King's enemies.
    Unfortunately yet another plot that stands to vex his highness and threaten the realm has arisen here in the north. The Drow of the Underdark, a force not seen for centuries and which indeed was sometimes viewed to be fantasy, have shown themselves. By their own admission, they are coming to rule the world and make us all serve their evil gods. Somehow they are tied to Zaxian slavers and the missing children.
    The plot has extended over areas in the Northlands where entire tribes has been destroyed or enslaved. Frankly, the utmost care and expenditure in diplomatic efforts will be necessary to support the North and to protect the South from infiltration. We are in a precarious time and cannot underestimate the magnitude of the threat.

  4. Your humble Servant,

    Phelan Duncan, Seneschal Seawatch

    Long Live the King!