Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Session 29 - The smoke clears

Session: Game Session 29 - Wednesday, Feb 19 2020 from 6:00 PM to 9PM

The Players
Toutorix the Ranger (Sworn Sword of Lord Theon Branch)
The dead body of Adfric (Sir Baldomeris)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)
Mr. Magic-User (from House Branch)
Sir Thorston Snow - Guarding the Horses
Fenroy Dugel The Cleric of House Branch
Khirr - Barbarian of the Iron Tooth Clan

July 1, 996 Third Age Summers End

Inside the Rune Tower
Dungeon Level

Daytime 32 degrees
Nighttime 22 degrees
Cold from the North, Cold
Heavy Snow
3 - 4' of Snow covering the plains

The smoke clears. The disaster before them reveals Adfric the dead.

The group finds 2 barbarians chained to the wall. One is a female the other a male.

They free the male (Khirr) but cannot help the deceased female.

The group is exhausted and beaten. They head up to the tower.

Attacked by bloodsuckers, a drider, and archers on the way out.

They make it to the surface and lick their wounds. Thorston Snow is sent back to Theon Branch to give a message.

Khirr releases the soul of his sister beneath the moon

They rest for the night.

July 2, 996 Third Age Summers End

The storm stops leaving 5 feet of snow outside.

Banging at the door below
It heats up and begins to smoke - explodes
Khirr goes to the front door and sees a cave troll coming in from the outside.
The group is doomed.

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  1. Some punks killed Jezzera's pet drider. Who would do such a thing?