Friday, May 8, 2020

Session 41 - (POV Valkomen) After all that the horses walked across the bridge just fine!

Session 41 - (POV Valkomen)

The players:

Sir Thornston Snow (Hedge Knight)
Valkomen Gimilzor (Paladin of House Branch)
Nachtheim of Blancshale (Student of Magic)
St Bedici (Cleric of the Old Gods)
Fritjof (The Locksmith)
Karr Bidebit (Dwarf Dwarf)

After hours of scouting, debating, and a massive battle in the now collapsed tower.  Well the horses were able to just walk across the bridge.  My magnificent war steed is safely in the stables eating hay.  I hope he still is.  Suddenly our Great Locksmith Fritjof is able to open every lock he sees.  He was even able to disable the Killer Statue that nearly ended my life.  Mr. Fritjof even found a very useful bit of correspondence from the Enemy.  The letter err note has proved to be of great use as we used it to find a way into the dungeon of the Keep.

The enemy is nice enough to provide a great many lit torches.  Almost as if we are invited down.  It was not very long before Sir Thornston set off a mechanical trap.  I was lucky to get out of the way.  He is alive it was just a flesh wound.  Shortly after that we met some men with huge eyes and clawed hands.  Finally get to work my sword.  I dispatched one but not before Sir Thornston and Karr the Dwarf Dwarf had been paralyzed by the monsters.  The other monster was destroyed by Nachtheim using the Black Iron Crown's Magic.

The use of the Black Iron Crown is most interesting as I had last seen it in possession of St. Bedici our Cleric.  Of course I was unconscious for awhile from the Killer Statue Incident. They may have made a trade or something?

It appears we are taking another break or something.  This passageway is apparently at a end.  There is another passageway we have not tried yet.  I have great hope.  She is down here.  The Old Gods will grant me a chance for Revenge!

Valkomen Gimilzor Paladin of the Moon

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