Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Session 44 - The Rescue

The players:

Sir Thornston Snow (Hedge Knight)
Valkomen Gimilzor (Paladin of House Branch)
Nachtheim of Blancshale (Student of Magic)
Friar Bede (Cleric of the Old Gods)
Fritjof (The Locksmith)
Karr Bidebit (The Dwarven Dwarf)

June 18, 997 Third Age
61/46 Degrees
In the small keep tower

Fritjof hears fighting in the small tower on the third level, then it suddenly stops. He goes and investigates, 2 large men and a goblin are tying up the other party members.
They come up with a plan to bring the fighters down the spiral staircase. It works.
Frijof kills the smaller fighter as Nachtheim puts the goblin and giant to sleep.

They go to the third level and find their friends.

And some goodies!

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