Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Session 43 - "That was almost a TPK," asks the Magic-User?

The players:

Sir Thornston Snow (Hedge Knight)
Valkomen Gimilzor (Paladin of House Branch)
Nachtheim of Blancshale (Student of Magic)
Friar Bede (Cleric of the Old Gods)
Fritjof (The Locksmith)
Karr Bidebit (Dwarf Dwarf)

June 18, 997 Third Age
61/46 Degrees
Below the old keep

The group decides to go to the small tower in the rear of the keep. They climb the stairway to the 2nd level.
The paladin hears something upstairs on the 3rd level.
It sounds like they are arguing over where to hide the spoils so "she" does not tax them too heavily.
They race up the metal spiral staircase. Thornston slips, cleric catches him. Cleric drops the candle lantern.
They get to the top and behold 2 giant men in platemail and one goblin.

It all goes down hill from there.


But no, 
here comes the rest of the party to rescue the fighters.

Tune in next week!!!!!


  1. Beautiful Disaster!
    We have her now!
    Instead of wasting time bashing through door after door. Our captors will take us straight to her.

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