Friday, April 3, 2020

On the road

It would appear as if we have all gathered and are ready to move on.  It suits us well; We have stayed too long in this place. The fool Snow lost a fight to a prancing clown with a toothpick.  It serves Sir this and Sir that right; pride in one’s station will lead to a fall.  

I must worry about the pirate and the pike.  Who is is this witch in the woods?  No one  knew the answer.
The friar is a reticent one.  He pocketed Mr. Holy’s coin and offered those prayers to the tree in his mind.  Not an unproven method, but lacking imagination and flair.  We will have to observe the good friar and his good deeds.

As for Mr. Holy and his showy armor, and his showy horse, let the fool give his coin to save his soul.  We know that we are all just the imagined thoughts of some absent jester signifying nothing.  Mr Holy is the least of our concerns.  I must keep an eye on the road and be sure they do not follow us.

We waste our time at the tree with a crude cupboard carved in it and the “scary black candles.”  Mr. Holy wants to waste even more time fishing.  Yet more evidence of a simple mind.

Yes, I agree, the locksmith and the mini dwarf are trig and very dangerous.  The mini dwarf turning away in mid-charge, as if he couldn’t ride down those brigands; very trig.

The locksmith and his "oops the wagon ran over my foot,” and that foolishness about the pike.  He is nasty.   “Oh, let me give my offering.” Blah, blah, blah. 

They both are likely servants of the Dark Hand.  What den of vipers have we fallen in with?

I was too busy looking for them behind us on the road that we almost missed the trap.  Sir this and Mr. Holy go charging towards the fallen tree and the viking hat, and the trig mini dwarf charges his pony towards the brigands in the bush.  I laud his performance as he jerked that pony around and charged back. And the locksmith pretending he couldn’t use that sling.  Ha, do they take us for a paranoid fool?

Who put them all to bed?  

Make sure I watch the road.