Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Session 38 (A foiled magical assassination)

So we(the locksmith--wink, wink-- and I) arrived at the dilapidated bridge, and the winged statues took to flight.  Valkomen, the enemy arrow holder, wandered off into the swamp.  He was investigating some old rags.  Snow, smarter than he looks or sounds, warned that it looked like a trap, and that is when the pincushion found the water lizard.  They did not need my help to bring the lizard down.

Meanwhile, the locksmith, who I thought was a trig thief, couldn't figure out the lock and started talking nonsense about floating across the moat in empty barrels.

Snow was wasting time looking for wood to reinforce the perfectly safe bridge.  I mean, I crossed it just fine.

The locksmith proved to be underwhelming, and we had to find another way into the keep.

As we prepared to cross at the ruined tower, one of my trusted companions revealed themselves to be a magical assassin.  In the heat of battle with the winged statue people, the trig bastard charmed my dagger to strike me.  If I had not regained control at the last second, I would be dead.
It was too advanced of a plan for charge first, ask questions later.  The little guy is, well, just little, and I don't see it.  Snow is a possibility.  He may have been angry about the bridge.  Perhaps it was the locksmith, and he is as trig as I thought--- just not a locksmith at all.  The friar and his old gods may be plotting against me.

It seems my old enemies have found me, or as was the case with my mentor, one of these companions has grown jealous of my abilities.  In either case, I must keep a clear head and a vigilant eye.

Evil is everywhere.