Thursday, April 16, 2020

Session 38 (St. Bedici) - Gargoyled!

It was whilst the boredom of waiting upon that priggish burglar that the holy ghost moved within the corrupt paladin and myself. But him first, my hand to the old gods!

He stumbled out into the muck as a drunken sailor on shore leave to fetch a sheepskin perhaps spent or not... and was promptly nearly eaten alive in one gooble by the largest swamp dragon we've ever seen. Crackles erupted fore and aft. But I dismounted in turn with the dwarvish dwarf in lock step with that airy hedge, and the battle began. Somehow it was my Flail I'm sure that slay the beast! And while the paladin dragged his next dine ashore I laid my hands on myself and him! Glory!

And just in time for the fair burglar and fey magician squealed from afar about a bridge not worth taking or not taking afore testing or some nonsense and the commotion was great, ere I led my ass to be tied soundly as to not buck or bray at the fuss.

Refusing historically sound water travel by barrel, in meantime, a log had been lain and  like lazy lumberjacks played crossing games. In twos they straddled the topsy turvy pole and made landfall beyond at the obvious door.

Twas then sight became sound and those peering Gargoyles gave flight and strafed at the earth beneath us! A sanctuary surrounded me at once and I stand ready for their returns.