Thursday, April 23, 2020

Session 39 - (Valkomen Gimilzor POV) - No Paladin Don't Open That Door!

Session 39 - No Paladin Don't Open That Door!

The Players

Sir Thornston Snow (Hedge Knight)
Valkomen Gimilzor (Paladin of House Branch)
Nachtheim of Blancshale (Student of Magic)
Saint Bede (Cleric of the Old Gods Most Holy Man Alive)
Fritjof (The locksmith)
Karr Bidebit (Dwarf Dwarf)

To be honest I was getting bored with this mission.  Only bandits, dragons, and spiders to fight.  Then Fritjof the Superb Locksmith came to me bearing Great News!  A great and terrible demon was beyond the door to the next room.  Half intrigued I got close to the door and used my blessed powers granted by the Trees to detect a Horrible Fiend inside that room!

Immediately and to the great dismay of my comrades I opened the door and stepped inside.  My comrades may jest at my readiness to cross swords with foul evil creatures.  However once the battle starts they do very well indeed.  This foul creature was very mighty and I took a wound and felt the dark touch drain my life and soul.  However we beat it.  We are still alive and therefore stronger.

The Demon had a treasure in the room.  I took a handful of silver.  Now I have some to give to our Great Saint when he ask. Disappointed the beast sword was not a type I could use.  Our Saint took it though.  Seems very attached to it and the demons crown.  No worries.  This whole episode fills me with vigor.  We are close to Jezzer and righteous revenge for the slain children.

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